Privacy Policy

Our Policy Regarding Your Privacy

FCC Forms does not disclose any nonpublic personal information to any affiliated or nonaffiliated third party for marketing purposes. At FCC Forms, maintaining the confidentiality of our customers' personal information is of the highest importance. FCC Forms personal information-handling practices are governed by this privacy policy and are further regulated by law. This notice describes those practices and how they preserve your privacy in a way that permits FCC Forms to provide you with the products and service you demand.

Collection of Personal Information

We get most of our information directly from you. The application(s) you complete, as well as any additional information you provide, generally gives us most of the information we need to know. Sometimes we may contact you by phone or mail to obtain additional information.

Information which has been collected will be contained in either our policy records or in our consultants files. We will use the information you provide in obtaining your radio license, renewal, construction notification or all other relevant FCC filings.