Forms Submission

FCC Radio License Application, Form 601

Applicant Information
As you would like it to appear on your license
Individuals this is your social security number. For business this is your EIN / Federal Tax id
Enter the type (etc Corporation, LLC, Individual)
Describe your type of business and what your radios will be used for.
Contact Information
Name of contact person (first and last)
Basic Information
Briefly describe the nature of the modification.
A repeater is a mobile relay station having a transmit frequency and receive frequency. A mobile is any radio in a car or truck A portable is any hand held (will be licensed at 5 watts) A base station is a fixed station for single frequency operation.
A pair is one transmit and one receive frequency.
In watts
ERP= Effective Radiated Power. If not known also show antenna gain.
ERP is usually the same as output.
Conventional are standard licenses in the PW / IG business and public safety pools Trunked = A system in which users share or pool a number of radio channels. Frequencies are distributed by the system according to demand and traffic levels.
--Portables and Mobile Applicants May Stop here.--
Base & Repeater Transmitter Site Data
Please indicate whether in feet or meters. (example: 100 feet; 30 meters) *note*, structures that are 200 feet or taller or within the glide slope of an airport (5 mile radius) may need FAA registration.
Enter your dealer code